RDS Info: in collaboration with the Winter Olympic Games 2018

Looking forward to the Winter Olympics next year? The 2018 Winter Olympics has already seen its fair share of trouble, with Russia being banned from the game because of systematic and state-sponsored drug abuse by its athletes.

In spite of most Russian athletes expected to miss out on the event, you sure know that Winter Olympics in 2018 won’t disappoint by any means.

The question is, where is it best to watch the Olympics?

Tune in to RDS Info!

The RDS Info Channel is a one-of-its-kind Canadian-French sports channel that is followed by sports enthusiasts all over Canada and the globe.

The team behind this incredible venture is comprised of all sports fanatics who delight in sharing the latest news and sports updates with the Quebec fans. You can find all sports-related information right here on this one comprehensive channel.

The channel, owned by the CTV Television specialty Inc, is a collaboration between ESPN and Bell Media.  The RDS Info has exclusive rights to broadcast everything from tennis, soccer, ski, hockey, rugby, and cricket.

What can you watch?

You can watch all the games right from the comfort of your home come 2018. RDS Info has stated that it will be one of the channels broadcasting the 2018 Winter Olympic Games and the 2020 Olympic Summer Games. RDS is the official sports specialty partner for the Olympic Games in 2018 and 2020. It once again partners with Radio-Canada/CBC to cheer for Canada’s very best athletes.

About RDS – what to expect?

RDS has been an integral part of the widespread Olympic tradition in Canada. They have been known to collaborate with the Olympics for the last three decades and the coming years are no different. With their massive legacy of expert production in addition to leading on-air talent, the 2018 Winter Olympics held in Canada would definitely be an event to behold for the world. RDS would be showcasing the upcoming new generation of the Olympic heroes of Canada to thereby enhance the roster of the biggest sports events in the history of Canada.

RDS Info will have the very first selection and pick from all the Olympic events, naturally ahead of the other sub-licensees. RDS Info is scheduled to broadcast all the crucial moments of the events for the French-speaking Canadian audiences where you will see Canada’s best athletes performing with the world’s best.

RDS Info and its sister concerns are no doubt an essential part of the Canadian sports scene. No sports event or update or news for that matter is deemed complete without the presence of this three-decade-old channel. It is worth mentioning the fact that the main anchor during the peak hours of the live broadcast of the Winter Olympic Games would be Claude Mailhot. He is the man who first covered the 1976 Olympic Games at Montreal.

The Winter Olympic Games 2018 would undoubtedly be a big hit, with world-class athletes and some great coverage.